Trio Anda Luz

Related to quotes below from the development of the concept for NACAD, the Anda-Luz Trio has formed in Toronto. We are multi-cultural: Tania Hernandez (Mexico) Tarek Ghriri (Syria) & Hugh Smiley (Canada). As in Authentic Dialogue, we co-create (our own flamenco style; there is no leader). Our project includes offering flamenco as a healing modality to help children of refugees in Toronto who are suffering from trauma.

Tania, Tarek and Hugh will write short blogs here on what this beautiful art-form means to us, how we practice AD through flamenco, how it inspires us and how we hope others will be inspired through our musical collaboration and goals.

From                                                                                                                        “…The name ‘New AndaLuz’ refers to the centuries-long period in southern Spain when Andalucía (Al Andalús in Arabic) was the meeting place for the greatest scholars, scientists, philosophers, poets, architects and artists from across the Mediterranean and Middle East. Córdoba, Granada and Seville became magnetic centres of learning and teaching. Intensive cultural cross-fertilization was accompanied by relative harmony among large Catholic, Moslem and Jewish populations.”

“…Music, the universal language, will have a part to play. The emerging field of social neuroscience demonstrates how music unlocks areas of the brain to promote learning, healing from trauma and other conditions, as well as enhancing communication. The flamenco art-form, a fusion of the various cultures of Al Andalús, through its improvisation, passionate expression and intense inter-connectedness of dancer, singer and instrumentalist provides an ideal vehicle to enhance Authentic Dialogue with an Andalusian flavour.”