Notes from NELSOZ

On this page you can get a sense of some of what we’re doing  on the NELSOZs (NACAD Experiential Learning Sessions on Zoom) by reading some feedback and notes taken from various sessions.

June 27/17: Notes from Discussion with Margret who is teaching German to Afghan and Syrian refugees near Frankfurt. Our group consulted on how we might support her or start projects with refugees in our own communities:

·   Have people share their personal stories to create connection and also practice English. Very powerful. (L.)

·   In Toronto some restaurants have opened their doors to Syrian women who cook food and the public orders it. Women get together and talk to each other, removing isolation. They have translators helping them learn English, using their own knowledge and skills, and they are getting validated by the Canadians who are coming and buying their food. (A.)

·   Consider something that could get the community involved and engaged (A.)

·   Music can also be a powerful tool for community building (H.)

·   Talking circles can work and will help people share their story in a profound way. Use a talking stick and each person gets a turn to speak or not as they wish as the stick goes around the circle. People can talk for as long or as little as they like.  (C.)

·   Have a translator present so they can talk in their mother tongue (H.)

·   Could have a community event that brings together German community members and refugees to share food, music, and sharing (L.)

·   Jan’s explanation of talking circles: During talking circles important to be aware of cultural and religious dynamics. Could start talking circles with they only have to use one word of what they are feeling as they each have the talking “stick”. Pick something neutral to hold onto for the group. No cross talking. Only person who can talk is the person with the object being passed around. No one can ask questions, make comments, or give feedback to another person’s circle share. You may find out that for some individual’s cultural backgrounds that they do things like this or in a different way (J.)