We have been evolving a fresh and co-created approach to Authentic Dialogue through NACAD Experiential Learning Sessions On Zoom (NELSOZ). If you feel drawn to participate, please read the following and respond to

How We Learn on NELSOZ

NELSOZ sessions are practices and experiments towards breakthroughs in authentic dialogue methods. Instead of sharing impersonal information or personal beliefs, or engaging immediately in group discussion, activities we might at first associate with the word “dialogue”, NELSOZ sessions are carried out in full-body mindful presence that results in experiential learning at both an individual and group level. This means that participants practice being fully present in each moment by silently noticing themselves–their own thoughts, physical sensations, emotional reactions, inner dialogue and verbal impulses–while listening deeply to others.

First-timers unfamiliar with these ideas may wish to adopt a listen and learn attitude until they get a sense of this mode of co-created learning that differs so greatly from what we are all accustomed to in everyday life where talk is so often from head to head and centered on some form of putting the self forward; for example, making various points persuasively, being entertaining, demonstrating expertise.