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Prickles and Peace – Hugh Smiley

This photo of my living room cactus and buddha-statue on a sunny afternoon inspires a possible sequence for getting to the informed and compassionate action required for healing and transforming the gargantuan backlog of accumulated and self-perpetuating trauma in our human … Continue reading

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Principles of Authentic Dialogue

The 40+ attributes, which NACAD has already recognized valuable for AUTHENTIC DIALOGUE, provide a framework addressing issues in any dialogue situation. They can be grouped under the following interdependent principles: Self-Awareness: key to Mastery of Inner Resonance (body, mind, spirit) … Continue reading

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Our Authentic Voice in Psychotherapy and in Dialogue

The human vocal apparatus is part of the body and much more. We create (or destroy) our worlds through words we speak and sing, sounds we utter. Different qualities of the human ‘voicetone’ such as pitch, volume, rhythm, speed and … Continue reading

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New AndaLuz Centro para un Diálogo Auténtico (NACAD) Un lugar para aprender y enseñar métodos dinámicos, progresistas y efectivos para el diálogo y la consulta en los campos de la resolución de conflictos, toma de decisiones y la curación del … Continue reading

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Cultural Competency with Authentic Dialogue – an Impossible Task?

Let me start looking at this broad subject from one small angle. As member of a core group of multinational pioneers for NACAD, I experience occasionally an uncomfortable feeling, when I simply do not get what we were just talking … Continue reading

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The Nature of Conflict – Peter Paul

The English language is very malleable; incongruities and nuances often baffle those whose mother tongue it is not. For instance, the words nice and silly have transposed their meanings over time. First names have changed genders – Ashley was a … Continue reading

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NACAD Brainstorming

We are excited to be gathering 16 people from four countries in Toronto on the weekend of May 13-15, 2016 to brainstorm on the NACAD proposal for a Centre for Authentic Dialogue. Bettina Clark, Yaakov Schneid and Hugh Smiley will host … Continue reading

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