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Mission Statement

NACAD serves as a catalyst and resource in the advancement and use of authentic dialogue (AD), creates integral content that educates, informs and inspires, applying and teaching AD methods for decision-making, conflict resolution and the healing of trauma.


NACAD will be a Centre with three interrelated focus areas serving a growing international network of professional communicators with 1) educational, 2) facilitation/application and 3) certification and licensing departments. (The legal set-up has yet to be chosen.)

It’s organizational structure will be co-creative and partly built on Holacracy, governance characterized by a distribution of power among self-organizing groups rather than top-down authority. So far the identification of NACAD team members and expertise has been an organic process.

NACAD’s goal is to enhance local and international awareness about the usefulness of AD in a variety of applications. NACAD will provide multi-faceted resources, align and model the use of AD across diverse applications and integrate ongoing evolutionary AD processes into workable models.

Overview: Vision and Mandate

NACAD brings together people from around the globe interested in contributing to a living, learning community of ideas, heart and action for implementing the most evolved, dynamic and effective methods of real dialogue and consultation for effective decision-making, resolution of conflict and the healing of trauma.

People with an interest in AD within their various fields are invited to contribute, participate and collaborate in various ways, e.g. active and passive (‘Friends of NACAD”) members, students, trainees, teachers, facilitators, mentors, advisors, donors and sponsors.

By growing a community of professionals, NACAD provides an integral platform for the purpose of education, information exchange, networking and most importantly serves as a catalyst for local and international AD awareness campaigns to strengthen our communities through advancing knowledge in dialogue.

Are you interested in participating in one of NACAD’S biweekly online experiential learning dialogues?  See: NELSOZ

Some target groups (alphabetical): artists, coaches, corporate leaders, communication professionals, counsellors, diplomats, facilitators, journalists, juridical & medical professionals, mentors, mediators, politicians, religious leaders, teachers, therapists, … and in a general way, anyone thirsting for deeper, more successful communication in professional and personal life.