Flamenco for PTSD

Version 3

Tarek (guitarra), Tania (baile), Hugo (cante & piano)

Related to quotes from the development of the concept for NACAD, Trio Anda Luz has formed in Toronto. We are multi-cultural: Tania Hernandez (Mexico), Tarek Ghriri (Syria), Hugh Smiley (Canada) and, as in Authentic Dialogue, we co-create (our own flamenco style; there is no leader). Our project includes offering flamenco as a healing modality to help children of refugees here suffering from PTSD.

It is hoped this local project will be just the first of many inspired by the principles of Authentic Dialogue and the goals of NACAD. Our virtual community has the opportunity to dialogue about such projects as well as explore the meaning of and practice Authentic Dialogue at our biweekly Zoom sessions. If you’re interested in taking part, please contact info@NACADialog.com.

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