Prickles and Peace – Hugh Smiley

This photo of my living room cactus and buddha-statue on a sunny afternoon inspires a possible sequence for getting to the informed and compassionate action required for healing and transforming the gargantuan backlog of accumulated and self-perpetuating trauma in our human race (whew – all that in one breath!).


All people have trauma – part of the human condition. As we heal it, thereby lowering emotional and mental “noise”, there emerges a stillness, quiet and comfort within the psyche. When we share this peace with others through …going slower, compassionate listening, trusting the inner wisdom of each one & each group, detachment from outcomes and patience with ‘just being’ in the present moment …then together – in our groups and communities – we are in a good space to start healing trauma on a societal and global scale.

Mindfulness, meditation, prayer, authentic dialogue and open-hearted engagement with diverse people & groups are my current stepping stones towards this ideal.

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