Principles of Authentic Dialogue


The 40+ attributes, which NACAD has already recognized valuable for AUTHENTIC DIALOGUE, provide a framework addressing issues in any dialogue situation. They can be grouped under the following interdependent principles:

Self-Awareness: key to Mastery of Inner Resonance (body, mind, spirit) and prerequisite of AD. Through self-discovery (patterns, beliefs and emotional entanglements) we move towards self-empowerment and genuinely lived values, principles, passion and purpose.

Accessing the Essence: getting to the core of the matter; openness of the heart; letting go of protection, pretence and manipulation.

Representation of the True Self: courage to make mistakes, take responsibility and allowing vulnerability, while allowing degrees of selflessness (letting go of control). Being in the right mind set.

Genuine Expression of Love: Emotional Intelligence and the language of the Heart. With respect, tolerance and open heartedness we recognize and strengthen capacities in one another.

Independent Power of Judgement: Decisiveness, individual reasoning, intelligence, intuition, expressing in a productive manner.

Key to Shifting Perspectives: Curiosity, creativity and the ability to reframe opens to new possibilities, transparency and expands the field of “vision” and understanding

Enhancing the Change Process: Tuning in and using the energetic movement of the moment; with amplified perception of truth, change becomes possible.

Cross Cultural Collaboration: Collective experience beyond political borders; mutual inquiry and commitment; understanding relationship and the mechanisms of connection, differences and belonging.

Solution-Oriented and Transformational: the focus is on strengthening and restoring relationship(s), amicable agreements or settlements in conflict situations, establishing critical thinking, transcending entanglements misunderstandings …   To be able to live in dignity ….. commitment to values and virtues. Imperative skill to successfully build and maintain relationships.

           – Bettina            

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